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Totally Spies Dress Up


This game is all about dressing up

Sam,Alex and Clover.Outfits

depend on the mission they

have to accomplish.



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Totally Spies Puzzle


Play this relaxing Totally Spies

game.Your only job is to solve

puzzle in the shortest time possible!!!




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Totally Spies Shootup


You must help Sam,Alex and Clover

by shooting the monsters.Feel freely

to shoot all over the place because

there are some bonus points.



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Totally Spies Dance


Dance to the sound of music

and earn points.Try to be good

dancer but if you miss the girls will




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Totally Spies Chess


This addictive game is full of

possibilities.Move your girls like

chess pieces and defeat the opponent.




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Totally Spies Mission Clover


Clover is on the mission and you

are here to help her.Try to avoid

all obstacles and shoot all enemies.

Have fun.



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Totally Spies Puzzle 2


Solve the puzzle and be victorious.

Point of this game is to have fun

and just relax.




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Totally Spies Mall Brawl


Can you stop Tim Scam to infect all

shopping malls with viruses.You must

destroy all robots,clean

cash registers and find all anti-virus



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Totally Spies Memory Game


In this game your only goal is

to find pairs.You may choose

different levels of game.




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Which Spy Are You


If you like Totally Spies girls

find out which one are

you.Are you more like Sam,

Alex or Clover!!!



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Are You Totally Spy


Do you think that you are a spy?

Finish this test and find out!!!

You may be surprised!




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Totally Spies Robot Island


You have to always stay

at your best!Try this virtual

training and and become a

better spy!!!



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Totally Spies Fortress


You are on trail of POLLUTERS

and you dont now when they

will act.Your mission is to get in

the fortress and steal

informations of their computer!


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Totally Spies Secret Files


Repeat the combinations

of symbols and

help the girls to find the

secret files on Jerrys computer!



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